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Operating the first successful "synthetic ice" rink in 2000, Super-Glide Skating quickly dominated the market and grew to six facilities in three years. We then concentrated  on developing the best synthetic ice skating surface and expanding around the World. Now hundreds of millions of skaters are enjoying the Super-Glide experience.   more

Home Ultra Rink Lomeo"I love the ice and I can't get off it!!!"

Constant requests for a simple Home synthetic ice rink version lead us to create a surface that is easy to set-up, economical and can be delivered right to your door. Super-Glide SLICK is designed with the home owner in mind. The innovative product that brought affordable home skating to the World. Best synthetic ice skating surface at the lowest possible price.
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Super-Glide Synthetic Ice hockey Rink

Professionals agree Super-Glide synthetic ice is the best for training. Hockey revolution in Canada now training the next NHL Stars.

Also: How tough is Super-Glide, it survives an F2 Tornado with no damage.

EXCLUSIVE - New SLICK matches the glide of Ice. Incredible invention.