Super-Glide Synthetic Ice Creates
Great Business Opportunities

Customers’ Success Is Our Highest Priority

Super-Glide Synthetic Ice Creates Great Business Opportunities for small businesses.

High glide quality and reliable installation guarantee success for many years.
Super-Glide synthetic ice skating rinks successfully work in shopping centers and training facilities. Mobile Super-Glide ice rinks generate high income and fast return of investment. The effectiveness of our business model has been proven over the years by the successful operation of our own Super-Glide synthetic ice rinks. And we always share our long-time expertise in running ice skating rinks with all our customers.
Customers’ Success Is Our Highest Priority
We stand behind our product with a strong warranty and continuing support. We are always available to our clients for advice and suggestions, or to answer questions that may arise even long after the purchase. We do not just sell you a product, we invite you to join our family.
commercial ice rinks with synthetic ice

Super-Glide Synthetic Ice
to Save Malls

The New York Times has recently informed that brick-and-mortar retail was in the midst of seismic changes even before the pandemic. Analysts say as much as a quarter of America’s malls may close in the next five years.
Today, a trip to a shopping center is no longer just shopping, gradually turning into a way of spending leisure time. This means that shops alone are no longer enough. The entertainment component is a very desirable attribute of a successful shopping center, and most of the projects under construction are already positioned not just as “shopping”, but as shopping and entertainment. Is there a chance for a place in this emerging market?
Entertainment zones not only bring new customers to the shopping center, but also increase the time spent by visitors in it, which, in turn, increases the average value of a check. As a result, this affects the level of sales of other tenants, which can pay high rent and ensure the profitability of the shopping center.

Some of Global Synthetic Ice' Own Ice Rinks

Like no other manufacturer we not only sell Super-Glide ice rinks, but successfully operate them ourselves since 2000 and can guarantee their highest quality of glide and reliability of installation

Photo Gallery of Super-Glide Synthetic Ice Rinks
in Shopping Centers Across the Globe

Super-Glide synthetic ice rinks in shopping centers attract thousands of shoppers and deliver them lots of fun
Improve your skills, get better results faster.
Practice anywhere, anytime & whenever you wish.
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