Saying the best synthetic ice created by skaters for skaters we DO mean it!

Chris Crowley, the Owner & CEO of Global Synthetic Ice

Chris Crowley is the new owner of Global Synthetic Ice. He is originally from Long Island, New York and spent his adolescent years in New Mexico. He’s been in Tampa since 1999.
Chris has spent his entire life on ice skates. He was originally strapped into skates at 3-years old by his hockey-loving mom (a die-hard New York Rangers fan). She made him walk in the house with the skates on to strengthen his ankles. To this day, Chris is an active skater, hockey player, coach, and fan. His dedication to and love of skating knows no bounds.
Hard work and dedication come natural to Chris. He has been a firefighter and a certified paramedic for 17 years. Putting his strengths to work, he has helped to build a family environment for all customers and inspires athletes to become better in their sport. It was only natural that he started and ran Synthetic Ice Concepts the past 10 years. He brings over 30 years of experience in the hockey industry!
The business enabled Chris to develop and nurture strong relationships. During his time with Synthetic Ice Concepts, Chris catered to large cities, corporate partners, seasonal mall displays and home setups. During this time, Chris and Perry became friends and shared the same work ethic and love for the amazing sport, hockey. Even his 9-year old son, Brycen, uses synthetic ice at home to practice for all of his hockey games!
With Perry Boskus’ established name and amazing growth over the past 20 years, Perry passed the ownership torch to Chris in May of 2020. Committed to the Global Synthetic Ice name, Chris has continued to help grow and expand GSI to many countries.
With this wealth of knowledge, passion for the sport, an amazing team and an insatiable thirst for innovation, Global Synthetic Ice will continue to remain on top of the industry.

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Victor Orloff,
Head of Sales and Marketing Dept.

Victor has been with Global Synthetic Ice since 2010. Successful Super-Glide ice skating rink owner himself he knows every detail of how to set up and run synthetic ice rinks. He always generously shares his knowledge with customers helping them to duplicate his success.
Victor has been a very effective distributor of Super-Glide synthetic ice rinks in Europe, too. Hockey training facilities, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, country clubs experienced increased volume of visitors and thousands of happy skaters from Vladivostok in Russia to Portugal. His knowledgeable and caring approach to all customers helped them to have their Super-Glide ice ring successfully operating for many years. 

Creator of Super-Glide Synthetic Ice Perry Boskus
GSI owner (1999-2020)

A skater since age 6, Perry Boskus boasts a lifetime of experience, success and knowledge about skating as president of Global Synthetic Ice, the nation’s leading manufacturer of synthetic ice and synthetic ice facilities.
As a two-time North Atlantic figure skating champion, Perry switched to speed skating and hockey, becoming Eastern Seaboard speed skating champion in just three years. At Don Bosco Preparatory High School, he lettered four times in varsity hockey, winning kudos for his many game-winning slap shots. He earned a hockey scholarship to New Hampshire College.
Launching a successful career as a professional figure skating coach, Perry trained Florida's first Junior National and Junior World champions. In 1992, he became skating director of Tampa Bay Skating Academy, which achieved a high profile and record student enrollment under his lead as one of the nation’s top coaches. He also owned and managed skating facilities while coaching figure and hockey skaters to world class levels.
All the while, Perry often tested synthetic ice and saw huge potential but a lack of glide characteristics to compare with real ice. Using synthetic ice as a training surface, he observed students improve strength and performance on these less-than-ideal synthetic ice surfaces.

Searching for a better solution, Perry determined that a proper synthetic ice surface required smoother joints with a more realistic "skate like ice" feel. Under his management, the Super-Glide® Team developed the Super Glide® synthetic ice skating surface to eliminate faults common to older synthetic ice surfaces while creating a nearly perfect ice replacement. 

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