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Best Hockey Training Facilities Choose Super-Glide Synthetic Ice

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Extra Hour Training Facility, CA

"The (Super-Glide) skating surfaces at Extra Hour are specifically designed to mirror real on-ice conditions by allowing the player to wear their hockey skates and use their game stick. This feature provides the player the ability to skate, shoot, and stick handle with the same stick flex, angle, and player height that occurs in game situations. " - CATHY ANDRADE, Owner & Operator of Extra Hour Hockey Training Facility has been successfully operating since 2018 and impacting NorCal hockey.

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First Line Training Center, MD

Hockey training center utilizes four (4) rinks with Super-Glide synthetic ice. Professional NHL players are frequent guests, sharing their experience and conducting master classes. In addition to general physical training, the center conducts full-fledged training in mastering the mastery of stick and puck possession, maneuverability, skating, etc.

Then the acquired skills are honed on traditional ice.

Operating since 2016.

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Super-Glide Synthetic Ice

Since 2000 professional hockey players have been training on our Super-Glide ice rinks. Global Synthetic Ice has the most off-ice hockey training facilities using our products all over the world! We customize any rink to fit your space and training needs.

Just like any sport, success requires years of practice. Among team sports, ice hockey has always stood alone due to the expenses of the sport.

Depending on your location, rinks are often times inconvenient to get to on non-practice and game days. For over 20 years, Global Synthetic Ice has offered a more efficient way to practice at home!


Global Synthetic Ice customers are always eager to share their Super-Glide synthetic ice experience - we NEVER pay for opinions, testimonials or reviews. They are all shared either by Super-Glide synthetic ice rink owners, operators, coaches or by ice rink customers.
We know that their opinions have great value to you as you make your decision to purchase our Super-Glide synthetic ice and other products, so here are just some of the Super-Glide synthetic ice reviews that we have received over the years.

NHL Professionals Derian Hatcher, John Tucker, Michal Pivonka, Alex Kovalev, Martin St. Louis, Alex Tanguay, Dominic Moore, Mike Sgroi, Alex Bolduc, Corey Crawford and many other famous players all enjoy skating on their personal Super-Glide home synthetic ice rinks.
"I worked with my son for a week on our Super-Glide® Home System. He scored three goals his next game, he never scored a goal before. Thanks."

"Synthetic Ice has been around for awhile and quite big in the United States. And since in Canada, everyone talks about the lack of ice hockey rinks, I wanted to try to find a way to resolve the problem, so I did my research and between the four companies that produce synthetic ice, Super-Glide was the best. I have tested the product, skated on it and with all honesty I can say Super-Glide is the closest thing to real ice. On top of that, they have sold over 500 rinks around the world and are very successful. Their full size rinks are having huge success." (2011).

After a master class on Super-Glide synthetic ice in Belgrade, Serbia: 
"It's a fantastic way for hockey players to train and develop their stick handling skill, their skating and shooting skills and it's so much fun."


Hockey Professionals and Super-Glide Synthetic Ice

All reviews are voluntary - we never pay anyone for them.
All reviews are made either by the owners of the ice rinks
with Super-Glide synthetic ice or by the users of them.

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Sean Skinner, the “Stickhandling Guru” he has been sought after from all over the world as a professional ice hockey skills coach for decades

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Both the coach and parents agree that practicing on Super-Glide Ice is even better than on real ice.
Super-Glide Ice rink @ Goose Pond University that successfully operating since 2012 

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Wayne Whitmore, Head coach for the Miami Hurricanes, demonstrating hockey practicing drills on Super-Glide Synthetic Ice

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Martin St. Louis, elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2018, and his Super-Glide synthetic ice home rink

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