Score points with a home rink that skates just like ice!

Tis’ the season to surprise your loved ones with a Synthetic Ice Rink delivered right to your door! For over 20 years, we’ve been providing high-quality and affordable synthetic ice rinks- perfect for home installation. Whether you play hockey, figure skate, or just enjoy the exercise, our Super-Glide Ice is sure to be a memorable gift for years to come. You can trust the brand NHL players, professional figure skaters, and brands such as First Line Training Center, Extra Hour Hockey Training Facility and many others use.

Easy setup, indoor or outdoor!

Garage ice rink with synthetic ice Super-Glide
Driveway synthetic ice rink
Backyard ice rink with synthetic ice Super-Glide


We have sizes for everyone. Order now to get in time for the holidays!

Super-Glide synthetic ice rink provides athletes with access to multiple benefits, without leaving home.

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Regular use increases
strength, speed stamina
and coordination.

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Increase leg strength
as muscles work harder
with more resistance.

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Provides practical and unlimited practice time in comfort of your home, without damaging skates.

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Industry leading quality with
ice- like gliding and seamless

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Training is affordable
and unlimited anywhere,
anytime, anyplace.


Play Video about Cathy Andrade Extra Hour Power Skating about Super-Glide synthetic ice

Cathy has coached tens of thousands of lessons to athletes
ranging from youth minor level hockey players through NCAA Division I, PWHPA, OHL, AHL, KHL, USA National Team, Olympic Team members & NHL over the past 38 years. Cathy’s methods and accomplishments have been recognized nationally for her work with hockey players in the Wall Street Journal, Sports illustrated, ESPN, NHLcom, The Coaches Site, and local publications. She is also a participaing coach in the NHL Coaches’ Association- Female Development Program.

Cathy Andrade – Skater,  Coach,  Founder
Facility’s website –

Hockey Practice on synthetic ice

“First Line Training Center owns close to 14,000 sq ft of GSI’s Super-Glide synthetic ice. There is no faster, more durable, more ice like product anywhere in the market. Period. The glide is amazing, the seams are perfect, and the company’s customer service is first class”

Sandy Cohan,  Owner
Founder,  First Line Training Center

Rob Schremp, NHL player shares his opinion on Super-Glide synthetic ice

“Global Synthetics product is phenomenal, I’ve been skating
on synthetic ice since I was 14, GS’s product performs very
well. The glide for the skating aspect combined with the feeling on the shot releases is what makes it an amazing product in my opinion.”

Rob Schremp,  NHL professional

Home synthetic ice rink

“My boys and their friends are at A to AAA level and use this Super-Glide pad extensively. Great for shooting and an incredible resource when they skate on it. There is no way we could do without this now that we have been spoiled. Customer service is exceptional. I highly recommend this product for serious players as well as beginers”

Marcis, Tampa,  Florida
24’x28 warehouse ice rink


“I wish I had my own synthetic ice so I could practice at home and escape the cold. The ice really did feel great!”

Jordan Dobbs,   Australian figure skater and two-time Australian national bronze medalist.

Martin St. Louis enjoing his home Super-Glide synthetic ice rink

“Thanks to @GlobalSynthetielce for making it so easy. I sent my measurements, and they sent me 9 pieces – it was assembled in 10 minutes.

Martin St Luis,  NHL professional
2 GSI Rinks Owner



As a manufacturer, we can customize your rink to fit any training area, but we offer these packages ready to order right now. Common sizes are 12’x20’, 16’x16’, 16’x20‘, 20’x20’, 24’x24’.

Equipment – Rubber Mallet. The skating surface needs to be installed on a flat, smooth, level, hard surface. If floor is anything other than concrete, a sub floor may be need. Consult with your GSI rep and see what they recommend for your rink.

Longevity has never been an issue, GSI home rinks will last 10 plus years, most are passed down to family members or resold by the buyer for half of the original panel cost. Just keep clean and your investment will be protected.

We make taking care of your GSI rink simple.  Just get a pressure washer 3300 psi or above and a attach a cleaning disc or high pressure rotating nozzle to your wand. Spray with nontoxic biodegradable cleaner like simple green and clean the rink. Squidgy off excess water and your cleaning is complete. For indoor rinks just bring outside and follow steps above but towel dry bottom of panel before reinstalling.

For ice rinks that won’t be used year-round, we recommend disassembling them and storing them horizontally on the pallet that it was delivered on. Save wood shims that were sent with ice and reinstall them to ensure ice does not move on pallet. Secure with heavy duty rachet strap and cover with a tarp.


Need to park your car in the garage? GSI can have a custom tarp made to protect your ice surface so that you can park on it. Contact your GSI rep for more details.

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