About Global Synthetic Ice

Global Synthetic Ice

Perry Boskus - Owner of Global Synthetic Ice

Global Synthetic Ice began in 1999 as Florida Skating Inc. Due to increasing sales around the world, the company became Global Synthetic Ice in 2008. Founded by leading synthetic ice expert Perry Boskus, the focus of the company has always been to make its primary product, Super-Glide® synthetic ice, the global standard for synthetic ice.

Super-Glide® synthetic ice is a high-tech skating surface created by skaters for skaters to offer the ultimate “skate-like ice” experience.

Global Synthetic Ice is proud of all of the following accomplishments:

  • Operated the first successful commercial synthetic ice rink (Miami, Florida), effectively creating the modern “synthetic ice” industry in 2000.
  • Introduced NINE (9) major synthetic ice improvements, leading as others followed, over the years our words have been copied many times but never our quality products, words are a lot easier to copy then products.
  • First to bring skating to Guatemala and many other warm climate countries.
  • Built the first Full-Size outdoor Super-Glide rink.
  • Built the first Full-Size rink with NHL hockey markings, goalie creases Fort Chipewyan, Alberta, Canada
  • Super-Glide is a registered Trade Mark in many countries around the world.
  • Granted U.S. Patents for many synthetic ice innovations, including our assembly method, hockey lines, goalie creases, and goal net holding system.

Global Synthetic Ice is dedicated to making the finest synthetic ice skating products available around the world, including creation, distribution and installation of rinks for hockey and figure skaters of all ages and experience levels. Unlike competitors, president Perry Boskus and Global Synthetic Ice possess more than 35 years' experience operating successful skating facilities. Our wealth of knowledge about the performance and longevity of synthetic ice is unsurpassed in the industry.

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