Hockey Goalie Training on SLICK Synthetic Ice

Synthetic_Ice_goalie_training Super-Glide® SLICK gives goalies unlimited training time, increasing reaction time and improving overall skills. Goalies need quality time not offered in traditional ice rinks due to the cost. Training at home on Super-Glide synthetic ice gives the player time to develop specific maneuvers increasing their overall ability. Train for hours with no ice fees. Super-Glide Home Goalie Systems are currently developing the world’s best goalies.

The New SLICK product is the best for Goalie training. Goalies have been training on Super-Glide since 2004 and we now have the most goalies in the NHL. Speed, endurance are all improved making players far superior then those who train on ice.

Corey Crawford trained on Super-Glide all summer and stated he never felt stronger, quicker in his life. At his facility in Canada all the AAA players are training to become the next Stanley Cup Champions.


Call today and start training like the Pro’s on your own SLICK surface home rink. 

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