Synthetic Ice Reviews

Global Synthetic Ice customers are always eager to share their synthetic ice experience. We know that their opinions have great value to you as you make your decision to purchase our Super-Glide products, so here are some of the synthetic ice reviews that we have received over the years.

"Got this for my basement and my two boys love it!
Went together easy, and seems to hold up great.  It’s amazing how it replicates skating on ice so closely.  Hoping for many years of fun and hockey training "

- Nick
SLICK owner - 16’ x 28’ basement ice rink

"I want to let you know how I am happy with your product. The synthetic ice we bought from you is already installed in my garage and my son enjoys it so much every day. This product is completely new to us, but we feel we made a great choice by selecting your product."

- Judy
SLICK owner - 2015

"Just wanted to let you know we received  the shipment last Friday.  Setup was a breeze and my son and daughter are enjoying the ice"

- Peter
Home Goalie System owner - 2015

NHL Professionals Darin Hatcher, Alex Kovalev, Martin St. Louis, and Alex Tanguay all enjoy skating on their personal Super-Glide home synthetic ice facilities.

"I worked with my son for a week on our Super-Glide® Home System. He scored three goals his next game, he never scored a goal before. Thanks."

- Paul Cavallini
NHL Professional - 2004

NHL Professionals Darin Hatcher, Alex Kovalev, and Alex Tanguay all enjoy skating on their personal Super-Glide home synthetic ice facilities.

Olympic Figure Skating Gold Medalist Oksana Baiul promoting the superiority of the Super-Glide® skating surface in 2008.

Former Austrian Figure Skating Champion "Claudia Kristofics-Binder" and the Austrian Figure Skating Association endorses Super-Glide products. She is promoting it now through her PR & Event Mgmt. Business in Austria.

"The kids loved skating outdoors, within half an hour they were doing Axels, Double Flips. We couldn't get them off! Super-Glide is Amazing."

– Wichita Figure Skating Club
Wichita, KS - 2002

"The first time I had stepped onto my Super Glide rink I was instantly impressed. Other synthetic ice surfaces claim to have an "ice-like" feel. That is simply untrue. After skating on several of the competitors’ products, there was no comparison. Being a competitive figure skater for 20 years and now a full-time coach, I am always looking for the best training tools in the industry. In just two weeks, I have seen all of my students gain strength, balance and speed on the ice. Within one hour of using Super Glide for the first time, my students were performing all single, and double jumps with ease. Super Glide is the ONLY synthetic ice surface that figure skaters can utilize successfully to make them better, faster. Thank you Super Glide!"

- Erin R. Tongue, Professional Skaters Association Rated Coach
Binghamton, NY - 2006

"For your information the ice is superb! Easy and fast to install and much faster than any other synthetic ice my skaters had skated on. Thanks!" * Purchased a 12 x 6 meter Super-Glide Heavy Duty rink for use on a cruise ship.

- Ilia Zlatkov
Mr Mim World of Entertainment
Baleares, Spain - 2010

"Hope all is well at Super Glide Skate. Our skating rink was a big hit for our Wild Light Christmas event last year, and I can believe it is almost that time again."

- The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens
Palm Desert, CA - 2006

"I was able to pay off the loan within a month into the operation of my rink. Almost all startup businesses take loans and pay them off over a period of 3, 5 or 7 years. It is rare to have a business that pays off all its startup costs and turn a profit with its initial project. My first installation was a tremendous success and I was able to turn a profit after paying for all my startup costs within 3 months." * Installed a Super-Glide Skating Facility in a Ponce, Puerto Rico shopping mall for the holidays.

- Ricardo Betancourt Ramírez, President, Highline Group, Inc.
Ponce, Puerto Rico - 2005

"I'm a 47 yr old mom that just started playing mom's ice hockey. Our Super-Glide has given my boys & I the extra ice time we need to enhance our skating. My boys love the chance to teach me their skills and to make them better hockey players also! Super-Glide rocks!"

- Marsha Blew
Home Rink Owner - 2004

"Our home rink is WONDERFUL!!! We all love it. We have had many of our friends and their hockey players skate on it- needless to say we have become the kids' favorite place to hang out! It is harder to get some of the dads to get off of it than their kids!!"

- Keli & Scott Sipperly
Home Rink Owners - 2005

"I am glad that I went with Super-glide for my synthetic hockey rink. I have temporarily set it up outside at my house in the back yard next to my Sportscourt. The ice was a little sticky at first, but after a few hours of skating on it and working the solution into the rink, it has actually been more enjoyable to skate on than regular ice at the rink. This has provided a great work out for me and has been a great tool for teaching my three-year-old son how to skate. Thank you again for all of the educational time you spent consulting me before making my decision on which product to purchase."

- Tim Hesselman
Oregon - 2006

"Hi Chris. Just a quick note to say that it's been almost a week since we installed the basement rink and we are thrilled! Thanks again so much for your help also. It was so easy to install and we love it more and more each day. Our 7 year old son gives it very enthusiastic reviews - he loves it and says he's already improved his hockey skills. Don't know about that, but he certainly has spent every free moment skating. We are so pleased we chose Super-Glide, thanks again!"

- Stephanie, Nick, and Michael
Home Rink Owners - 2011

"Hey Super-Gliders,
Just wanted to let you know that I finally got my All-Star system set up and got to skate on it for the first time this weekend. I am very impressed by the feel of the surface and I'm having a blast with my new favorite toy! I can totally see how great this surface would be for a rink-sized application, I will definitely keep you guys in mind in the future when I get space and money for my own rink. :)
- Thanks for making this ultra-fun product available to the public!
Home Rink Owner - 2011

"My 5 year-old daughter loves skating on Super-Glide. I can't get her off of it. Plus we were out on the driveway the first day and two groups of people came up and asked about it. A girl saw it, went home and brought her hockey playing dad over."

- Kelly
Home Rink Owner - 2011