Super-Glide® SLICK Synthetic Ice

Corey Crawford and Alex Bolduc promote Super-Glide, they demand the best.

SLICK synthetic ice is perfect for public skating, hockey training, figure skating, portable commercial facilities. Assembles in minutes, no maintenance, great income.

Hockey Training Rinks are opening at a pace never seen before as players training on SLICK are far superior to those only training on ice. Players get an overwhelming advantage in speed, strength, and overall skating knowledge.

The blade does not dig as deep as on ice so skaters need to have more correct, precise positions then with ice making them better. When returning to ice an increase in speed is notice immediately. Fundamentals are more understood and improved by players letting them reach levels never thought possible.

The revolutionary Patented System (Patent No. 8,129,005) developed by Global Synthetic Ice eliminates expansion and contraction problems and along with the smooth glide quality earned Super-Glide the “Better than Ice” reputation. 

Independent studies conducted in Canada on longevity of Super-Glide show life expectancy in a range of 20-30 years. Our 16 year old outside Facilities are still operating with many more years of usable service ahead.

Very Important Information for Future Business Owners

When operating a business for the general public a high quality surface is needed. If customers are unhappy with the skating quality they will complain and the business fails. This has been the common outcome over the last 40 years with plastics called "Synthetic Ice". This same plastic is still being sold today, it can be skated on by professional skaters, but when the average person tries to skate they frown on the experience. Today customers want SLICK for commercial purposes.

SLICK Synthetic Ice - with advanced chemical glide ingredients, pure resins (no recycled plastics) and cutting edge design No skate enhancer needed has a Regular price of $225/panel.

Special Offer Only $159/panel.

China price
$385/panel includes Substratum

Super-Glide SLICK Dimensions
  • 4' x 4' x 3/8", 29 lbs
  • metric: 122 cm x 122 cm x 1cm, 13 kg


Since the introduction of SLICK in January 2016 we have sold out every month. Due to this volume we can offer SLICK at the lowest possible price. It does not need skate enhancer, has a greatly improved Glide Quality, overall a better, more advanced product then anything offered before.

Super-Glide Substratum Panels


Super-Glide Substratum Panels are needed for Outside installations.  Specially designed polymer panels are laid under the Super-Glide surface and designed to allow the Super-Glide to expand and contract with changing temperatures, also helps with minor imperfections in the ground surface.

Regular price $120/panel     Special price $79

Size: 4' x 8' ; 30 lbs  (122 cm x 244 cm ; 13.1 kg)

Global Synthetic Ice has always been the leader in outdoor synthetic ice surfaces and with continued inventions provides the best surfaces technology has to offer.