Super-Glide Backyard Rinks


Have you been thinking about a backyard ice rink for your home? We make your decision very easy. If you happen to be one of those people fortunate enough to live where the weather remains sufficiently cold throughout the season to keep natural pond, lake or a backyard ice rink usable throughout the season, you might get to avoid the costs of traveling to and from your local ice rink,  but how good is the ice? Global Synthetic Ice™ has an even better solution for you, a synthetic ice rink for your backyard!

Super-Glide SLICK is the latest synthetic home ice rink product from Global Synthetic Ice. It allows your family to practice hockey, figure skating or just have fun skating! Not just when it's cold outside or when you can afford the time and expense to get to a rink, but, anytime and in any weather. You can set up a Super-Glide home ice rink wherever you have space -- a basement, a garage, and yes, even the backyard!

Super-Glide SLICK was designed specifically for outdoor use. Its polymer construction makes it impervious to the elements and ideal for backyard rink use. It comes in 4’ x 4’ sheets making them less expensive to buy, ship and easier to install. A typical skating rink can be set up in just minutes by a single person!

Super-Glide SLICK is sold in backyard ice rink kits with a minimum of 8 panels up to as many as you need to cover your available space. All you need is a smooth subsurface to build on, and you’ll be on your way to unlimited practice time without the hassle and expense of travel.