Play and Practice Hockey on Synthetic Ice

Just like any sport, success in playing hockey requires years of practice. Among team sports, hockey always stood alone because expensive and inconvenient time on ice was the only way to practice. No longer! Now, Global Synthetic Ice opens a world of unlimited hockey practice time at home, or in any location!

With Super-Glide® synthetic ice, you can now practice hockey at home, no ice rink required. Professional hockey players have been training on Super-Glide since 2000 and Global Synthetic Ice now specializes in NHL full-size outdoor synthetic ice rinks bringing the experience of hockey to any location in the World.

  • Super-Glide synthetic ice helps hockey players develop skills faster through unlimited practice time.
  • Super-Glide synthetic ice makes hockey training affordable and practical.
  • Super-Glide synthetic ice is the first and only synthetic surface accepted by European hockey referees. 
  • Super-Glide synthetic ice is the best synthetic ice for hockey practice. No other artificial ice compares.
  • Hockey Stops and Slap shots can easily be done on Super-Glide synthetic ice. 

Super-Glide Home Goalie System

Super-Glide Home Goalie System gives goalies faster reactions through more quality training time. No more stopping for ice resurfacing. Train for hours with no ice fees. Professional goalie trainers have been using Super-Glide since 2003 to develop the world's best goalies.

Includes a movable 2' by 4' shooting pad to allow for shots from any angle.

Special Feature - curved and angled front edge redirects the puck just like it was tipped by a player.

Standard Size (Easily fits into garage): 9-feet-by-15-feet

Larger Size also available: 13.5-feet-by-15-feet