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Marty St. Louis - Hockey Hall of Fame 07/02/2018

Congratulations to a long time user of Super-Glide Marty St. Louis’ for being picked for the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Here is his secret to becoming one of the best Hockey Players: https://youtu.be/VCI8r3ZXbNw 

His three sons are now practicing on Super-Glide looking for their chance to become NHL Players and future Hall of Famers.

Super-Glide® Goes to China 07/18/2017

Super-Glide® Goes to China and now becomes #1 selling synthetic ice in China.

Global Synthetic Ice had a Super-Glide SLICK rink at  China (Beijing) International Fair For Trade In Services 2017 on  May 28 - June 1 2017.


SLICK rink at Beijing (CIFTIS).


Lessons were taught to aspiring skating instructors, stressing the importance correct positions. 

Training_on_Plastic_Ice Synthetic_Ice_rink


Lessons for new skaters were held.  Training_on_Fake_ice


A Higher level of skating was taught…  Skaters improved and liked the Super-Glide way.


Everyone was having fun…




New Rink in Quincy Il. has Great Grand Opening 11/16/2012

We were recently in Quincy, IL, helping to open the new River Skate Super-Glide rink right on the Mississippi River.

This is a beautiful setting, and over 200 skaters joined us opening day, all having a great time and planning to return.

The size of the rink is 81 panels (36' X 72') which is plenty of room to hold 50 skaters at one time.

Watch the video:

Or read the newspaper article by clicking the link below:

Quincy Herald Article
Is it ice? 10/22/2012

Is it Ice?

That is what everyone is saying when they see our newest Super-Glide video. The kids are Mites and Squirts and now have to play against Pee Wee teams because of their training on Super-Glide. After only a few months, noticeable improvements were found in all skaters. Some, who were once among the slowest, improved so much they are now the fastest. We've seen this over the last twelve years, time and time again.

Is it ice? No, it's Super-Glide Synthetic Ice!!

Check out the video below!

International Goaltending Competition 05/02/2012

Global Synthetic Ice is the proud sponsor of the International Goaltending Competition, held in eight cities, with the finals in Orlando, Florida. For the first time ever, the best goalies in each region will compete head to head to find out whom is the best goaltender. Global Synthetic Ice will have two warm-up rinks available at each location allowing the players to get ready for their turn in the competition. There is no doubt we will see some of these competitors on an NHL team in the future.

Visit the International Goaltending Competition Website

International Goaltending Competition
Global Synthetic Ice Awarded Patent 03/21/2012
Global Synthetic Ice has been awarded the U.S. Patent (No. 8,129,005) for its invention of Synthetic Ice and methods of assembly. The Patent includes the interlocking assembly method developed by Global Synthetic Ice for building Full-Size Hockey Rinks. This assembly system is also used in other commercial facilities as well as home rinks. Super-Glide Facilities have been leading the way in the synthetic ice industry since 2000 and utilize the most advanced systems available to date.

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