EXCLUSIVE: Now Ice has a Real Competitor.

The New SLICK product developed in January of 2016 has new ingredients that let the ice skating blade glide just like ice for the first time ever. This is the most important invention to the skating community since the invention of the skating blade. This will allow skating events to occur around the World now that electricity is no longer needed. It introduces the era of Affordable skating, no more need for expensive ice rinks.


Russian Customer beware of Superglide.RU!

Superglide.ru and Sport VBT are claiming to sell Super-Glide products but are NOT. The City of Belgorod has already been deceived, make sure you are not the next victim of this fraud. 

This was published in the newspaper “Best Belgorod”:

(It has been translated)

Belgorod |Vkontakte
10-23-12 at 11:34 pm

"We were conned! Belgorod has again been deceived!

Regarding the artificial (synthetic) Ice Rink - it seems it's another hoax, or "rip-off!"

And now I quote here:

Today we had a meeting with the owner of Global Synthetic Ice, producing a new generation of synthetic ice, Super-Glide. Mr. Perry Boskus and Vice President Ms. Susan Miller, devoted mainly to the situation in Belgorod and in which they expressed great regret at the fact that the equipment at the Yesenin rink is indeed fake Super-Glide.

“We regret for the citizens of Belgorod, that they were deceived and instead of the world's best new generation synthetic ice they received a cheap imitation, which is not suitable for normal skating, and also a danger to health!”

This rink, which features fake Super-Glide at Yesenin facility, causes great harm to the brand and manufactures of Super Glide and its distributors.

Polymer coating used in Belgorod is nothing like real Super-Glide, which has a high degree of slip and is seamlessly perfect, used for full-sized NHL rinks and has, for over 12 years, been successfully used for training of professional hockey players and figure skaters, and is very popular for amateur public skating.

We have already briefed the investor of "housing company" that they purchased fake Super- Glide and warned that it is dangerous to skaters and should be closed before more people get hurt.'

Translation of Customer Comment from the below page link:


Helen (Guest) on October 13 18:54

"Today I skated on the new artificial ice rink, extremely didn't like it!!! The surface is laid unevenly, lubricated with some grease, and the ends of panels go up. The skate caught a panel joint and I fell, now my knee hurts and I can not bend the leg. And I work tomorrow. Will never go again, even for free."


Beware of Bait and Switch in Europe:

People selling “Ice Floor 365” are using Super-Glide logos, pictures and videos to entice potential customers then push them to purchase “Ice Floor 365” becuase it is cheaper.   

We agree that the Plastic used for “Ice Floor 365” is cheap, but in reality Super-Glide is actually less expensive and a product you can skate on “Just Like Ice”.


Super-Glide survives F2 Tornado!

We received this E-mail from one of our valued customers:

Three years ago, your company graciously helped grant my son, Logan, his wish for an outdoor hockey rink (Make-A-Wish Foundation). This past Friday, a category F2 Tornado ripped through our neighborhood devastating several homes and severely damaging Logan's rink. The good news is nobody was hurt in our neighborhood. The incredible thing is one row of the synthetic ice was lifted up off the rink and part of it was found about 300 feet away in a neighbor's tree. Amazingly, NONE OF THE PANELS ARE DAMAGED! We will have to do some extensive repairs to the framing and posts of the rink but the ice is fine- even after traveling a couple hundred feet. Not sure if you could claim it before, but now you can say your ice stands up to an F2 tornado. Best, Adam

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