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Super-Glide Synthetic Ice Increasing In Popularity
as a Recreational Skating Alternative

Christmas and Seasonal Super-Glide Synthetic Ice Rinks

With recreation budgets tightening throughout the country, synthetic ice has become a popular alternative to mechanically frozen ice, which requires significant annual expenses for refrigeration and resurfacing. Even community leaders in more northern climes are considering the move to synthetic, as changes in global weather patterns have reduced the amount of time throughout a given year in which outdoor ice is possible. (Source: Nicholas Brown, Athletic Business).

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City officials see synthetic ice rink
as a big success

“I think the community as a whole absolutely loved it,” Catherine Cameron, assistant city manager of public services, said about having the rink.
Cameron said the only complaint she received is that people would have liked the rink to be a little bit bigger.
“During the week, it was great, but during the weekend, when it was super busy, it would have been better if it was larger. All in all, we are extremely pleased,” she said.