Synthetic Ice Videos

NEW Commercial SLICK Rink
NEW Commercial SLICK Rink Public Synthetic Ice Rink opens in China
Jekyll Island
Jekyll Island Global Synthetic Ice opened a new Super-Glide SLICK synthetic ice skating rink in Jekyll Island, GA. skated thousands of skaters in December 2015 alone.
Jinzhong, China 2016
Jinzhong, China 2016 Super-Glide SLICK opens in China, December 2016
Learn About Super-Glide
Learn About Super-Glide A 40' by 80' Super-Glide surface set-up at the NHL Draft, Montreal, Canada 2009
Super-Glide Heavy Duty in Russia
Super-Glide Heavy Duty in Russia Super-Glide Synthetic Ice Rink in the Limon Mall, Russia
Canadian University Players
Canadian University Players Concordia University
Super-Glide in Germany
Super-Glide in Germany Super-Glide Hockey DOME in Mannheim, Germany
Ultimate Skater - Part 1
Ultimate Skater - Part 1 Developing the Ultimate skater - Part 1
Ultimate Skater - Part 2
Ultimate Skater - Part 2 Developing the Ultimate skater - Part 2
Ultimate Goalie - Part 3
Ultimate Goalie - Part 3 Developing the Ultimate Goalie -Part 3
What Pros Say
What Pros Say Professional Tournament - Montreal, Canada
Referee Tests Super-Glide
Referee Tests Super-Glide Zlin, Czech Republic - 2006
Florida Hockey Center
Florida Hockey Center 64' x 24' Super-Glide Heavy Duty rink they use for training and Synthetic Ice League
History of Synthetic Ice
History of Synthetic Ice Oprah Show purchases rink after seeing this video
Fun in Basement
Fun in Basement Basement installation
Mapo, South Korea
Mapo, South Korea Great skating being taught in South Korea.
Super-Glide Hockey
Super-Glide Hockey After 6 months this team has to skate against players 3 years older just to make it fair, and they still win.
NHL Game
NHL Game Super-Glide used for EA Press Conference on NHL 13
Super-Glide Hockey
Super-Glide Hockey Hockey training on Super-Glide
Goal Tending Competition
Goal Tending Competition Goalie Competition warm-ups
Super-Glide Home Rink
Super-Glide Home Rink Fun in the backyard
Figure Skating
Figure Skating Figure Skating Performance on Super-Glide - 2009
Figure Skating
Figure Skating Canadian figure skaters performing in a show on Super-Glide Ultra
Ocala, FL
Ocala, FL Successful Commercial Facility, Size 64' x 32'
St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis, Missouri Home rink for training
slide show
slide show Home rink with hockey markings slide show
NHL Full Size Rink
NHL Full Size Rink First NHL Full-Size Super-Glide Rink
Quincy, IL.
Quincy, IL. Super-Glide Public Skating Facility Illinois.

Lefty Hockey review of Super-Glide
igloo igloo training rink
Easter Island
Easter Island First to skate on Easter Island - Just for Fun.