Super-Glide Synthetic Ice

Super-Glide global synthetic ice rink is perfect for ice hockey, figure skating, ice shows and events, public ice skating, rental business and homes.

Any Size, Place & Time!

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Global Synthetic Ice Is Proud to Present SLICK - the Newest Generation of Super-Glide Synthetic Ice

Super-Glide synthetic ice rink for hockey practicing and hockey training

Ice Hockey Unlimited

Regular hockey practice on Super-Glide synthetic ice increases strength, speed and stamina. Stick and puck handling, and skating coordination are also significantly improved.

Shopping mall. Ice Skating. Ice rink.

Make Money, Have Fun

Global Ice rinks in shopping malls or mobile synthetic ice rinks, rental ice rinks, ice shows, or events – Super-Glide commercial synthetic ice rinks work successfully for many years delivering skaters fun and joy, and profits to ice rink owners.

Home ice rink. ice hockey. ice rink

Backyard, Garage Ice Rinks

Unlimited practice time on a Super-Glide home synthetic ice rink produces instant results. The slowest students are soon the fastest. We have seen these winning improvements time and time again.

Super-Glide synthetic ice rink for figure skating practicing and figure skating training

Figure Skating

Super-Glide synthetic ice rink challenges figure skaters to refine their spins and erase small technique flaws. Practicing on Super-Glide ice boosts figure skaters’ spinning ability and increases their overall performance

Super-Glide SLICK synthetic ice IS the best created artificial ice skating surface ever! FACT!

Connection Points

“SLICK” is designed as an alternative to real ice; it is not cold and does not need electricity.  Our Interlocking Puzzle Piece Has 55 connection points per panel, allowing for proper expansion and contraction of our product in any environment. Maximum Connection points in all directions ensure panels do not pop up or warp in these conditions over time. The connections are precision cut creating a perfectly seamless surface, resembling real ice. SLICK synthetic ice is a specifically modified polymer that allows the skate blade to glide smoothly over its surface. All skating elements can be performed. Hockey stops, deep edge cuts, stick handling, spins, jumps, anything done on ice can be done on “SLICK”.


Global Synthetic Ice uses premium high-quality raw materials and additives including UV protection so your rink will not change color and lose its chemical stability over time. This ensures your rink will not warp in outdoor setting and continue to have that ice like glide for years to come.

Super-Glide synthetic ice panel

Installation Reliability

Global Synthetic Ice uses patented Super-Glide "dovetail" interlocking technology to create a seamless surface - the same technique that has been commonly used originally in woodwork for thousands of years. Another benefit of dovetail technology is the simplicity of assembling with the use of just a rubber mallet. Super-Glide synthetic ice rinks successfully work all year round providing seamless ice-skating surface for the best and safe skating experience. To learn more about Super-Glide installation technology please visit our Blog.


Longevity has never been an issue, Super-Glide recreational synthetic ice rinks have a life expectancy of 15+ years. Home rinks are passed down through generations.

Eco Friendly

Super-Glide new generation synthetic ice panels are made from 20% recycled materials. Zero energy consumed. Zero water used.

Best Hockey Training Facilities Choose Super-Glide Synthetic Ice

Super-Glide synthetic ice review. Best synthetic ice

Extra Hour Training Facility, CA

“The (Super-Glide) skating surfaces at Extra Hour are specifically designed to mirror real on-ice conditions by allowing the player to wear their hockey skates and use their game stick. This feature provides the player the ability to skate, shoot, and stick handle with the same stick flex, angle, and player height that occurs in game situations. ” – CATHY ANDRADE, Owner & Operator of Extra Hour Hockey Training Facility has been successfully operating since 2018 and impacting NorCal hockey.

Super-Glide synthetic ice review. Best synthetic ice

First Line Training Center, MD

“Super-Glide synthetic ice is “the fastest synthetic ice surface ever produced” – from the website of the center.
Hockey training center utilizes four (4) rinks with Super-Glide synthetic ice. Professional NHL players are frequent guests, sharing their experience and conducting master classes. In addition to general physical training, the center conducts full-fledged training in mastering the mastery of stick and puck possession, maneuverability, skating, etc.
Then the acquired skills are honed on traditional ice.
Operating since 2016


Global Synthetic Ice customers are always eager to share their Super-Glide synthetic ice experience – we NEVER pay for opinions, testimonials or reviews. They are all shared either by Super-Glide synthetic ice rink owners, operators, coaches or by ice rink customers.
We know that their opinions have great value to you as you make your decision to purchase our Super-Glide synthetic ice and other products, so here are just some of numerous Super-Glide synthetic ice reviews that we have received over the years.

"Our entertainment center opened less than a month ago (July 18, 2020) and so far we are only collecting feedback from visitors. At the moment they are all positive! And the children are just happy! In a country where there is never snow, there is now a year-round ice rink! Thank you and look forward to further cooperation!"
"The first time I had stepped onto my Super Glide rink I was instantly impressed. Other synthetic ice surfaces claim to have an "ice-like" feel. That is simply untrue. After skating on several of the competitors’ products, there was no comparison. Being a competitive figure skater for 20 years and now a full-time coach, I am always looking for the best training tools in the industry. In just two weeks, I have seen all of my students gain strength, balance and speed on the ice. Within one hour of using Super Glide for the first time, my students were performing all single, and double jumps with ease. Super Glide is the ONLY synthetic ice surface that figure skaters can utilize successfully to make them better, faster. Thank you Super Glide!"
"I was able to pay off the loan within a month into the operation of my rink. Almost all startup businesses take loans and pay them off over a period of 3, 5 or 7 years. It is rare to have a business that pays off all its startup costs and turn a profit with its initial project. My first installation was a tremendous success and I was able to turn a profit after paying for all my startup costs within 3 months."

FAQ: General information about Super-Glide synthetic ice

FAQ: Installation of Super-Glide synthetic ice rink

We have led this industry since 2000, if it did not work, we would not be recording record sales and growing year after year. “SLICK” is designed as an alternative to real ice; it is not cold and does not need electricity. 
SLICK synthetic ice is a specifically modified polymer that allows the skate blade to glide smoothly over its surface. All skating elements can be performed. Hockey stops, deep edge cuts, stick handling, spins, jumps, anything done on ice can be done on “SLICK”.

First, we do not say we are the best, everyone who skates on SLICK does. With over 20 years of science and technological advances in chemical glide ingredients, pure resins, and cutting-edge design we have created the best possible surface in the industry.  SLICK synthetic ice has earned the reputation as the best hockey and figure skating training product available today - check professionals' testimonials.
Super-Glide is a high-tech plastic that you can skate on practically like on real ice. Super-Glide® SLICK is a synthetic ice skating surface composed of a proprietary blend of polymers that permit a skate blade to glide as smoothly as on real ice. Correct density is very important, too hard and the blade slips out, too soft and the surface is very slow, Super-Glide is just right.

Skating on ice means gliding on a thin layer of water as the blade’s friction generates heat and melts the ice surface. Skating on Super-Glide® causes the same friction and heat, which releases lubricants chemically engineered into Super-Glide®. This sets Super-Glide® synthetic ice apart from all competitors. Older synthetic ice surfaces required silicone lubricants. When skate blades cut through the silicone and hit dry spots, skaters felt undesirable "chatter" that increased friction and made skating harder. Super-Glide®’s unique formula eliminates "chatter" and allows the blade to glide smoothly.

Regular retail price of Super-Glide Slick synthetic ice panel sized 4' x 4' is $169. 
We do understand how important price is, yet QUALITY and RELIABILITY are and should be priorities especially for training and commercial ice rinks. Shopping by price is a major cause of ice rink failures.
*Facility Discounts and Resale Programs also available.

Tests conducted at Canadian Super-Glide synthetic ice rinks skating 200 skaters per day and intensively practicing hockey and figure skating, gave a life expectancy from 10 to 15 years. Home rinks are passed down through generations.

FAQ: Maintenance

Super-Glide® is extremely durable. Other than keeping it clean, nothing really needs to be done.

Pressure washing restores the surface to new condition with slight scraches that do not affect the skater. A leaf blower can clean away shavings. Heavily polluted rinks can be cleaned with a non-bleach cleaners (Simple Green) and then rinsed with water.

Super-Glide® is waterproof and can be skated on wet, if desired.

No roofing is needed over a Super-Glide® rink, but a roof does prevent contaminants from falling on the skating surface. Excessive surface dirt slows the skate blade’s glide.

Super-Glide Slick panels are 3/8” thick, over the years this has been found to be the optimum thickness. The Glide Ingredients added into these panels are very expensive, thicker panels makes them too expensive with no other benefit. Thicker panels are harder to put together also shipping is more. The 3/8” lasts more than 15 years, panels get outdated before they wear out - we have been inventing new products every 7 years on average. Thinner panels do not go together correctly so in conclusion 3/8” is the best.

Super-Glide® uses our Patented assembly method which makes the surface move as one. Expansion and contraction used to be a problem, not any more. The surface is engineered to withstand forces over 200,000 pounds, allowing any size surface to be built inside or outside in extreme temperatures. The system also has tabs on the sides of the panels that eliminate vertical movement. This is the most advanced system to date.

Two people can easily assemble a home rink in a matter of hours. Panels require just a few minutes each to install on a properly prepared sub-surface.
Panels are only 29 Lbs. and arrive on a 4’ by 4’ pallet that a driver delivers to your door by pallet jack.  You need a hard, flat, level surface like garage concrete and you are ready to skate. For outdoor rinks, crushed rock, cement, asphalt, 12” stones (pavers) and wood sub-floors all work as sub-surfaces for SLICK. For outdoors our Super-Glide Substratum is laid down first to ensure everything works properly and expands and contracts without casing rink to buckle or fail.

Not directly, we have developed a sub-floor system for grassy areas. The sub-floor is laid first, followed by the Super-Glide® surface.

A hockey puck will glide across the Super-Glide® surface just as fast as on ice. Hockey professionals have been practicing on Super-Glide synthetic ice since it became available over 20 years ago and all agreed that it is often even better for training than real ice

No. Super-Glide® is virtually unaffected by high and low temperatures and is UVA protected.

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