Super-Glide History

Global Synthetic Ice has an easily traceable history, stages of its development
and creation of more perfect synthetic ice almost every seven years

In business for over 20 years, Global Synthetic Ice, is an industry leader in high quality synthetic ice rinks technology.

Founded by Perry Boskus in late 1990s, the focus of the company has always been to create the most ice-like experience for hockey and figure skaters all over the world.

In 2020 Perry passed the business torch to another synthetic ice expert, Chris Crowley.

Super-Glide is the ultimate synthetic ice solution for any
and all artificial ice-skating rinks - from a small home
practice rink to a full-size commercial rink

The Highest Glide Quality of Super-Glide Synthetic Ice Is Achieved
Using the Latest Technology and the Most Modern Machinery
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Global Synthetic Ice manufacturer of Super-Glide synthetic ice
Global Synthetic Ice manufacturer of Super-Glide synthetic ice
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Making History

First introduced to “plastic skating” in 1985 Perry Boskus was a demonstrator for one of the first plastic skating surfaces available at that time. He noticed the benefits right away and listened to the many complaints, then in the late 1990s innovated, invented, and improved the product he called Super-Glide creating the “Synthetic Ice” Industry we see today.

Constantly working on improving the quality of our synthetic ice we’ve developed a number of striking innovations (watch here or see them listed below). Prior to these advancements, no plastic ice product had ever been successful for public use; they were only used for professional skating shows. These plastics are still being sold today by many companies and customers still frown on the experience.

”Successful Synthetic Ice advancements introduced
by Florida Skating Inc dba Global Synthetic Ice:”

what is synthetic ice made of

Super-Glide SLICK
Interlocking Technology

55 connection points create a seamless surface.

SLICK panels are easy to assemble and disas–
semble – watch

synthetic ice panel, synthetic ice tile, synthetic ice sheet

Spline Interlocking Connection
Used By Some Competitors


Spline system does not guarantee seamless installation, especially for bigger outside ice rinks. The pegs (securing dowels) are often break and sometimes it is very hard to get them out. Due to the fact that pegs are often made from different type of plastics and that they are small comparing to the panel, they expand and contract differently. As the result some pegs even move up from vibration of skaters so they are skating hazard as well.

We abandoned this technology for joining synthetic ice panels more than 10 years ago due to its imperfections. In return, we have created our own patented panel joining technology, which ensures their reliable, seamless joining on ice rinks of any size, indoor and outdoor.
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Spline Interlocking Connection

(source: manufacturer's YouTube Channel)

cheap synthetic ice, spline synthetic ice

Visible seams

(source: manufacturer's YouTube Channel)

cheap synthetic ice, spline synthetic ice

New installation, visible seams

(Poland, 2019)

cheap synthetic ice, spline synthetic ice

New installation, visible seams

(Poland, 2019)

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