Super-Glide Synthetic Ice
Increasing In Popularity
As a Recreational
Skating Alternative

Why Build an Outdoor
in community ice rinks

Global Synthetic Ice has been building indoor and outdoor community ice-skating rinks since the 1990s. For example, we build outdoor ice rinks in community parks and in city centers, and even in local shopping center parking lots during the holiday season. For a community, the outdoor ice rink is a little different than the indoor rink; it tends to be more of a social, less competitive, and more relaxing environment.

The importance of informal, public gathering places has been perfectly described by Ray Oldenburg, an urban sociologist, writes in his book “The Great Good Place” about the. He believes “Life without community has produced, for many, a lifestyle consisting mainly of a home-to-work-and-back-again shuffle. Social well-being and psychological health depend upon community and the ‘third places.’” Whether in an urban city center or suburban neighborhood, an ice rink is a great place for like-minded people to socialize and connect.
Another good reason is that outdoor recreation, like ice skating, has health benefits and Ice skating reduces stress. It also improves an individual’s aerobic, cardiovascular and muscular fitness. In addition, the sunlight and physical activity found at ice rinks have been shown to relax and cheer people up. Spending time at an ice rink even helps people be more productive at work and in school.
Given the choice to ice skate indoors or outdoors, many people will choose to skate outdoors. In many cases, skating outside reminds adults of when they were kids, skating on the local ponds — perhaps playing pickup hockey, a game of pom pom pull away or meeting someone for a date. Fond memories are strong at ice rinks.
So, it seems there is no a downside to the increasing number of outdoor ice rinks being built and maintained.

There are many great features
that Super-Glide community ice rink provides:

Christmas and Seasonal Super-Glide Synthetic
Ice-Skating Rinks

With recreation budgets tightening throughout the country and synthetic ice has become a popular alternative to mechanical ice and which requires significant annual expenses for refrigeration and resurfacing. Even community leaders in more northern climes are considering the move to synthetic, as changes in global weather patterns have reduced the amount of time throughout a given year in which outdoor ice is possible. (Source: Nicholas Brown, Athletic Business).

community ice rinks with synthetic ice

City Officials See Synthetic
community ice rinks As a Big Success

Like Christmas tree ornaments, the pieces of the city of Ocala’s Super-Glide synthetic ice-skating rink have been packed up and stored until the holidays roll around again later this year.
“I think the community as a whole absolutely loved it,” Catherine Cameron, assistant city manager of public services, said about having the rink.
Cameron said the only complaint she received is that people would have liked the rink to be a little bit bigger. “During the week, it was great, but during the weekend, when it was super busy, it would have been better if it was larger. All in all, we are extremely pleased,” she said.

Outdoor All-Year Round Ice Skating Rink
With Super-Glide Synthetic Ice

Community Super-Glide synthetic ice skating rinks have been successfully operating in Algarve and  Portugal since July 2020.
N´Ice Park offers 1000 and 1 activities for all ages and Super-Glide is one of the most popular ones attracting many residents and tourists.


Hundreds upon hundreds of seasonal and community Super-Glide synthetic ice rinks installed around the world that bring joy and fun to kids and adults

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