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The SK8GSI synthetic ice rink suface is perfect for ice hockey, shooting pads, figure skating, ice shows, training centers, and homes.

Any Size, Place & Time!

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The success or failure of any synthetic ice rink depends on two main factors – the quality of sliding and the reliability of the connection of synthetic ice panels.

GSI (Global Synthetic Ice) has been at the forefront of manufacturing synthetic ice surfaces since the 1990s. With a strong legacy of innovation and quality, GSI has earned the trust of customers worldwide. GSI’s synthetic ice is a type of artificial ice surface that mimics the slippery properties of real ice, allowing individuals to skate and practice ice-related activities without the need for a traditional ice rink. GSI’s synthetic ice products are known for their durability, glide performance, and realistic ice-like feel. Whether for recreational use, training purposes, or professional applications, GSI has been the trusted choice for those seeking the highest-quality synthetic ice experience.

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Global Synthetic Ice Enables - ANY SIZE, PLACE & TIME!

Global synthetic ice rinks – One of the key advantages of Global Synthetic Ice’s products is their versatility. Our synthetic ice rinks can be installed both indoors and outdoors, allowing customers to enjoy ice-based activities regardless of the climate or geographical location.

Whether it’s a professional hockey training facility, a recreational ice rink, or a private backyard ice skating rink, Global Synthetic Ice offers tailored solutions to meet the specific needs and requirements of each client. 


Synthetic ice is designed as an alternative to real ice; it is not cold and does not need electricity.  Our interlocking puzzle piece has 55 connection points per panel, allowing for proper expansion and contraction of our product in any environment. Maximum connection points in all directions ensure panels do not pop up or warp in these conditions over time. The connections are precision cut creating a perfectly seamless surface , resembling real ice. The SK8GSI ice is a specifically modified polymer that allows the skate blade to glide smoothly over its surface. All skating elements can be performed. Hockey stops, deep edge cuts, stick handling, spins, jumps, anything done on ice can be done on a GSI installation.


Global Synthetic Ice uses premium high-quality raw materials and additives including UV protection so your rink will not change color and lose its chemical stability over time. This ensures your rink will not warp in outdoor setting and continue to have that ice like glide for years to come.

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Longevity has never been an issue, SK8GSI synthetic ice rinks have a life expectancy of 15+ years. Home rinks may be passed down through generations.

Seamless Ice

Global Synthetic Ice uses a patented "dovetail" interlocking technology to create a seamless surface - the same technique that has been commonly used originally in woodwork for thousands of years. Another benefit of dovetail technology is the simplicity of assembling with the use of just a rubber mallet. The synthetic ice rinks successfully work all year round providing seamless ice-skating surface for the best and safe skating experience.

Eco Friendly

All new generation synthetic ice panels are made from 20% recycled materials. Zero energy consumed. Zero water used.


Global Synthetic Ice customers are always eager to share their Super-Glide synthetic ice experience – we NEVER pay for opinions, testimonials or reviews. They are all shared either by Super-Glide synthetic ice rink owners, operators, coaches or by ice rink customers. We know that their opinions have great value to you as you make your decision to purchase our Super-Glide synthetic ice and other products, so here are just some of numerous Super-Glide synthetic ice reviews that we have received over the years.

Top 10 FAQ's Related to Synthetic Ice

Does it really skate like ice? Do I use my actual ice hockey / figure skates on it?

We have led this industry since the 1990’s, if it did not work, we would not be recording record sales and growing year after year. Synthetic ice is designed as an alternative to real ice; it is not cold and does not need electricity.
Our ice is a specifically modified polymer that allows the skate blade to glide smoothly over its surface. All skating elements can be performed. Hockey stops, C-cuts, deep edge cuts, stick handling, spins, jumps, and anything done on ice can be done on SK8GSI.

Skaters on the surface definitely use their traditional hockey or figure skates.


What makes Global Synthetic Ice better than others claiming to be the best?

First, we do not say we are the best, everyone who skates on Global Synthetic Ice does. Whether it be 6 time Stanley Cup Champions, Retired Referee’s with more games officiated than anyone in history, NHL hockey ops guys in charge of rinks, creative entertainment companies putting on hundred of ice shows annually or our satisfied customers which swithced to SK8GSI from competitive products. With over 20 years of science and technological advances in chemical glide ingredients, pure resins, and cutting-edge design we have created the best possible surface in the industry. GSI has earned the reputation as the best hockey and figure skating training product available today – check professionals’ testimonials.
SK8GSI is a high-tech plastic that you can skate on practically like on real ice. The synthetic ice skating surface is composed of a proprietary blend of polymers that permit a skate blade to glide as smoothly as on real ice. Correct density is very important, too hard and the blade slips out, too soft and the surface is very slow, SK8GSI is just right.

How does does synthetic work?

Skating on ice means gliding on a thin layer of water as the blade’s friction generates heat and melts the ice surface. Skating on synthetic ice causes the same friction and heat, which releases lubricants chemically engineered into our ice. This sets Global Synthetic Ice apart from all competitors. Older synthetic ice surfaces required silicone lubricants. When skate blades cut through the silicone and hit dry spots, skaters felt undesirable “chatter” that increased friction and made skating harder. Global Synthetic Ice’s unique formula eliminates “chatter” and allows the blade to glide smoothly.

How much does synthetic ice cost?

Regular retail price of the non-commercial synthetic ice panel sized 4′ x 4′ is $199. 
We do understand how important price is, yet QUALITY and RELIABILITY are and should be priorities especially for training and commercial ice rinks. Shopping by price is a major cause of ice rink failures. 

What is the life expectancy of the Super-Glide® surface?

Tests conducted at Canadian Super-Glide synthetic ice rinks skating 200 skaters per day and intensively practicing hockey and figure skating, gave a life expectancy from 10 to 15 years. Home rinks are now passed down through generations.

I heard it messes up skates - that I should not use my real skates on synthetic ice. Is that true?

This could not be further from the truth! Most traditional rinks and skating coaches (employed by the rinks) are motivated to sell more “ice time”. Ice time only continues to increase in value based on the popularity of figure skating and hockey programs all over. 

Skating on synthetic ice does NOT mess up your skates! This is simply skate coaches and/or rinks misleading their customers. 

If on regular ice you traditionally sharpen your skates for every 8 hours of action – on synthetic you may wish to sharpen every 4 hours. 

Dirt and dull blades are the biggest contributors to having a poor experience on synthetic ice. 

What kind of maintenance is involved with a synthetic rink?

An ordinary blower to blow off dirt and/or any shavings is typically recommended. Beyond that, if the surface is outdoors and picks up more dirt and debris then it is recommended to pressure wash the panels on occasion. 

While the surface is a self lubricating panel where the more its skated on the better it performs … We also offer a synthetic glide solution enhancer to add to the surface occasionally. 

Is there anything I cannot do on synthetic ice compared to a real surface?

In short – NO!

We have figure skating shows performing hundreds of shows a year doing double / triple axels, spins, flips and more. 

We have hockey training centers averaging 200 kids a day doing full hockey training clinics. Everything from skating to shooting and everything in between. 

Are there any big benefits to training on synthetic ice?


On regular ice, kids learning to skate (and play) can get away with cheating. Meaning, not having a proper skating or hockey stance with their legs bent. 

On the synthetic ice, there is a greater resistance than traditional ice. It forces the user to have proper technique, engage their core, get set in the right skating / stride stance. When these players finish training on synthetic and transition back to regular ice for their games its been described as: 
* the game just slowed down for me
* I was just skating by everyone
* I skated and played much better than beforehand 

I would like to demo the skating experience, is that possible?

  1. Yes – Demo Rink.
    Anyone in FL or planning to be in FL may schedule a private demo at our Tampa Florida headquarters. 
  2. Yes – Training Centers.
    We have multiple customers (training centers) throughout the US which exclusively use Global Synthetic Ice for their clinics and coaching. Reach out to us and we can coordinate an introduction. 
  3. Other options. 
    Anyone not in a geographic region where a training center may exist or not traveling to FL – reach out to us and we may have a cooperating featured customer which may make their backyard / garage rink available for demo. Contact us for any interest. 

Please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our sales professionals to learn more about our synthetic ice, your project requirements, any suggestions or wish to share your thoughts.

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