Building Your Own Ice Rink Is Not a Problem Anymore!

Synthetic Ice RinksEver wonder how to build a synthetic ice rink? How good synthetic ice is for skating? Can you practice hockey on synthetic ice? Is synthetic ice good for figure skating? Can you make money on the synthetic ice rink? Can you build an ice rink in your garage or backyard? Is it hard to skate on synthetic ice? Which synthetic ice is the best? Etc…

The more we hear about synthetic ice rinks installed at hockey training centers, about Christmas and seasonal community synthetic ice rinks, and people enjoying ice skating at the convenience of their homes, garages and backyards, the more questions pop up.

Artificial IcePremium synthetic ice created and manufactured by Global Synthetic Ice has been around since the 1990s and has always been the #1 choice for hockey professionals, skaters and ice-skating fans. The newest generation Super-Glide SLICK synthetic ice is practically as good as real ice.

The patented installation solutions allow the creation of reliable, seamless ice-skating surfaces for full-scale hockey practicing and training, figure skating, ice show and events on ice, commercial ice rinks, mobile ice rinks, indoor ice rinks and outdoor ice rinks, and home mini-ice rinks.

Both professional hockey players and coaches agree that Super-Glide synthetic ice is in many aspects even better for practicing than real ice.

Commercial Super-Glide synthetic ice rinks are very successful at shopping centers and malls bringing fun and joy and attracting thousands of shoppers. ​

Looking at the ice shows and events on Super-Glide synthetic ice, it is hardly possible to notice any difference compared to skating on real ice.

Recent ice arena closures and lockdowns due to the pandemic have forced people to look for alternative options for skating practice and recreational ice skating, and many have discovered synthetic ice. Over the past two years, Global Synthetic Ice has delivered a record number of mini-ice rinks for homes, backyards and garages. These Super-Glide ice rinks allowed players and skaters to continue full-scale training and families to have fun.

Global Synthetic Hockey Ise RinksGlobal Synthetic Skating Ice RinksSkating Ice Rinks

GSI has never stopped working on synthetic ice and every seven years on average they deliver a new, better synthetic ice. We encourage you to visit and/or contact our valued customers many of whom have been successfully using Super-Glide SLICK for many years to get their unbiased opinion.

Please contact us for more information and/or visit our website to learn more about the company and our Super-Glide synthetic ice.

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