Hockey Practice On Traditional Or Synthetic Ice?

Hockey on Super-Glide synthetic ice

The correct answer is on BOTH!

ice hockey practice

The features and benefits of traditional ice are known to everyone and are not subject to discussion.

However, it also has its limitations. The huge cost of construction, equipment, operation and maintenance, ice time deficit, the inaccessibility of training ice as happened during the covid pandemic, require finding solutions to these and other problems.

Artificial ice rinks have been known for a long time. However, until recently, they could hardly be considered more than shooting pads. But with the development of technology, artificial ice, also known as synthetic ice, is increasingly used in hockey, including by professionals.

The main advantage of synthetic ice, in addition to almost zero operating costs, is the ability to build ice rinks of any size, practically anywhere, and operate at any time of the year, both indoor and outdoor. This provides a unique opportunity to organize full-fledged group and individual hockey practice and training.

Super-Glide synthetic ice invented by Global Synthetic Ice in the 1990s is perfect for indoor and outdoor hockey practice and ice skating and according to many professional players, skaters and coaches is often better for practicing than real ice in many aspects.

Hockey practice and hockey training on Super-Glide synthetic ice is no different from hockey practice and hockey training on natural ice.
Hockey practice on both Super-Glide and real ice:

  • Provides convenience, affordability, accessibility and inclusivity
  • Builds strength, power and endurance with each and every stride
  • Improves cardio, form, technique, and movement efficiency with each and every
  • Develops ice hockey specific skills, leaving real ice sessions for team strategy
  • Enables players to practice when they want, how they want, what they want, and for how long they want
  • Creates a 100% translatable ice hockey experience
  • Provides a supplemental and developmental ice hockey training solution
  • 100% recyclable and non-toxic
  • Does not damage skates

Best US and overseas premium hockey training venues successfully use Super-Glide for full-scale practice and training. Here are just a few of them:

First Line Hockey practice and training facility

One of the largest in the USA hockey practice and training venue the First Line Training Center.
The nation’s biggest, baddest and best ice hockey training and development facility featuring world class service, equipment, technology, coaching and training.
“Super-Glide synthetic ice is “the fastest synthetic ice surface ever produced” – from the website of the center.
Hockey training center utilizes four (4) rinks with Super-Glide synthetic ice. Professional NHL players are frequent guests, sharing their experience and conducting master classes. In addition to general physical training, the center conducts full-fledged training in mastering the mastery of stick and puck possession, maneuverability, skating, etc.
Then the acquired skills are honed on traditional ice. Operating since 2016

Extra Hour Hockey training facility

Extra Hour Hockey Training facility, the largest skateable synthetic ice hockey training facility in California, has been successfully using an ice rink and five ice shooting lanes with Super-Glide synthetic ice for full-scale hockey practice and training. 

Here is what Cathy Andrade, skater/coach/founder says about Super-Glide synthetic ice:

Cathy Andrade, Power Skating

“Love this product. That’s why I can attest that after having 5 different synthetic ice products in our facility that the new Super-Glide product is the best! There is a reason why it is in the largest facility on the East Coast and West Coast and Phoenix area.

If anyone has any questions about Super-Glide, feel free to reach out to me. Or, if you are in the Bay Area stop by Extra Hour Hockey Training facility and try it out yourself.”

Super-Glide synthetic ice at Lightning Made Training Center

The Lightning Made Training Center owned and operated by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

At this facility Lightning Alumni and staff will run both youth and adult hockey programming. Is ice hard to come by? Looking to get faster, stronger, and more powerful? The Lightning Made Training Center may just have the solution for you or your team! sharpen your skating or fine tune your shot on our 60’x30’ Super-Glode synthetic ice.

The Dream Big HockeyStars Training Center. DBHS currently offers semi-private clinics, summer camps, private lessons, youth hockey weekly skills, game performance analysis, career consultations, and summer tournament teams.

Dallas Goalie Lab offers cutting-edge Super-Glide synthetic ice goalie training program powered by Sense Arena! As a goaltender, you’re about to embark on a training journey that will supercharge your skills and elevate your game to new heights.

Super-Glide synthetic ice surface provides an authentic ice-like feel, allowing you to fine-tune your movements, positioning, and saves with precision. The low-friction surface replicates the glide and slide of real ice, giving you the realistic training experience you need to excel on the ice. You’ll develop enhanced balance, agility, and edge control, which are crucial skills for a goaltender to excel in any game situation.

TC’s Training Center in Billerica. Among many hockey practice and training activities at the center Ed Walsh, a top-end goaltender and coach, utilizes their State of the Art Synthetic Shoot Stations and Rink.

NHL Synthetic Ice Rink

Super-Glide synthetic ice has been the benchmark for glide performance and assembly reliability from the very beginning. Continuous work to improve the quality of gliding for over 20 years, several patented technological solutions have led to a world record number of hockey training facilities equipped with Super-Glide synthetic ice that successfully operate for many years. And this is one of the main proofs of Super-Glide’s superiority over all other synthetic ice surfaces.

Professional hockey players have been training on our Super-Glide ice rinks since 2000.

More and more NHL players and goalies are improving their skills on Super-Glide since the early 2000s. Here are just a few names of NHL players that have been practicing, coaching or/and owning Super-Glide synthetic ice rinks: Corey Crawford, Martin St. Louis, Dominic Moore, Alex Kovalev, Paul Cavallini, Michal Pivonka, Darin Hatcher, Alex Tanguay, John Tucker George Laraque, and Alexandre Bolduc to name a few.

Super-Glide synthetic ice solves the Ice Deficit problem, improves hockey and skating skills to get better results faster!

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