Ultimate Synthetic Ice Solution For Any Ice-skating Rink

The Highest Glide Quality of Super-Glide Synthetic Ice Is Achieved Using the Latest Technology and the Most Modern Machinery.


Making History

First introduced to “plastic skating” in 1985 Perry Boskus was a demonstrator for one of the first plastic skating surfaces available at that time. He noticed the benefits right away and listened to the many complaints, then in late 1990s innovated, invented, and improved the product he called Super-Glide creating the “Synthetic Ice” Industry we see today.

Constantly working on improving the quality of our synthetic ice we’ve developed a number of striking innovations (watch here or see them listed below). Prior to these advancements, no plastic ice product had ever been successful for public use; they were only used for professional skating shows. These plastics are still being sold today by many companies and customers still frown on the experience.

Successful Synthetic Ice advancements introduced by Florida Skating Inc dba Global Synthetic Ice:

  • First (2000) we eliminated the wood-core and designed a solid core product allowing outdoor usage.
  • We made the panels larger (2000) and two sizes to make a brick pattern creating a stronger assembly.
  • Increased the length of the splines from just a few inches to 4ft. and 8ft. long to cover every section of connected panels. This new spline system was copied by many other companies and is still being sold today.
  • Replaced the wood perimeter with the same material as our surface to deliver a finished appearance while eliminating splinters for customers.
  • After months of intensive experimentation with new gliding materials, we developed our own non-silicone formula creating the “Skate Like Ice” experience that made us famous. This formula is dry to the touch and unnoticed by skaters.
  • In 2004, we introduced our newest Super-Glide surface material “Ice Blue”. This was also copied by other companies and sold but the glide was so bad it started to reduce our sales as those rinks failed.
  • In 2006, new machinery came online to manufacture Super-Glide. Advanced technology allowed us to do things never done before in this industry. Our modern machinery made production more precise; panels were more consistent and could be made thinner. In addition, we designed a new “Foam Core” surface for home use.
  • In 2007 we outgrew Florida Skating Inc. and became Global Synthetic Ice and Super-Glide became a registered trademark around the World.
  • In 2008, we introduced our latest advancement, our patented Interlocking System (received patent in 2012, #8,129,005 B2) this new method replaced the old spline system with interlocking panels which eliminated expansion and contraction issues caused by outdoor changing temperatures. Our new system incorporates newly designed edge tabs that interlock and keep panels locked, a big advancement over the Dove-tail designs.
  • In 2010, we invented a hockey marking embedding process allowing hockey lines and goal creases. With this invention we now specialized in Full-Size Outdoor NHL rinks. Also in 2010 we invented a Hockey Net Holding system to keep the net in place but also breaks free when hit by a player, just like ice.
  • In 2011, we introduced Super-Glide Ultra (replacing the outdated foam core product and “Ice Blue” formula); this expanded the home market as sales of multiple rinks per day became the norm.
  • 2016 – New Super-Glide SLICK synthetic ice matching the glide of ice was released. In a short time SLICK became the highest selling skating surface breaking all previous records.
  • We introduce the new generation of Super-Glide synthetic ice every seven years on average.

Super-Glide SLICK Interlocking Technology

Super-Glide synthetic ice panel, synthetic ice tile

Currently Global Synthetic Ice uses patented Super-Glide dovetail interlocking technology with 55 connection points to create a seamless surface. Another benefit of dovetail technology is the simplicity of assembling with the use of just a rubber mallet. Even outdoor Super-Glide synthetic ice rinks successfully work all year round providing seamless ice-skating surface for the best and safe skating experience.

Super-Glide SLICK synthetic ice is perfect for public skating, hockey training, figure skating, portable commercial facilities. Assembles in minutes, virtually no maintenance, great income.

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