The Cost Of Shopping For Synthetic Ice By Price Alone

We understand that everyone is looking for a bargain or a great deal on goods and services and that is why we created Super-Glide synthetic ice rink that is packed with value, including extras for free.
Potential customers knowledge about how synthetic ice rink works varies dramatically from the experienced and professional shoppers to those who know nothing about them and believe that the difference is in price only.

So, this is where the problem of shopping for synthetic ice by price alone can actually cost you.

shopping for synthetic ice by price If you choose the cheapest, their gliding quality and reliability of installation is highly unlikely to match ours as we have decades of developing and manufacturing experience and invest in the very best and latest technology equipment and materials.
Quality takes a little to a lot more time to achieve as well.
If you were wanting your synthetic ice rink to be a success and shopped by price alone,  what you could end up getting by going to the cheapest vendor you call may be something that doesn’t last and is of poor quality, requiring it to be done again at even more cost than it would of been to take it to a true professional who is a little more expensive. For almost 25 years in business, we’ve replaced many cheap synthetic ice, but nobody ever had to replace Super-Glide synthetic ice rink.

Our prices are competitive and may be but not always slightly more to somewhat more than our competitors, but you are getting the absolute best synthetic ice, quality and long term life and value for your money.

You will always get better quality, higher value for money and free extras thrown in when choosing us. If you purchase an ice rink, practically each Super-Glide synthetic ice-skating rink is custom made that includes all necessary additional equipment like dasher-boards, skates, skate sharpeners, skate racks, sheds, benches, lights, heaters or cooling fans and more. Apart from our manufacturer’s warranty, we share with every Super-Glide synthetic ice rink buyer be it a garage ice rink owner or full-size hockey ice rink operator our 25-year expertise of not only a manufacturer, but also a rink owner and operator as well. Our free customer service also includes assistance in running the rink, maintaining it and optimizing its profits if it is a commercial one. We’re available to our customers seven days a week, 365 days a year.

We know what we are doing and are extremely passionate about delivering a top-quality result that lasts for decades.

Please visit our website and social media pages to learn more about our company Global Synthetic Ice, read and watch how our hockey, commercial, recreational or home ice rinks work.

We don’t just sell synthetic ice rinks we invite you to our big family of Super-Gliders!

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