A New Trend In Entertainment And Recreation At The Rink

sock ice skating on synthetic ice

Sock Ice Skating!
A New Hot Trend in Family Entertainment & Recreation!
A New Way to Create a Strong Unique Family!

sock skating on synthetic ice

No ice skates needed! Bring your own socks – that’s all you need to slide around and have a lot of fun! 
Ice skating on socks to build and make a family stronger? Absolutely!
It is during the fun together that beautiful memories and even traditions are often created that help to define and give uniqueness to each family. A fun time spent together makes the family stronger, “cements” it. Real joint activities, games, and sports, including a trip to the skating rink, creative activity in a theater or art studio or just a trip or excursion are much more effective than watching TV programs or walking around the shopping center. And the most important thing is to create a natural fun atmosphere!

sock ice skating on synthetic ice

Unlike traditional ice skating, sock ice skating does not require skates and their sharpening. Skating on Super-Glide synthetic ice is also a safe activity and entertainment for the whole family, during which you can slide and spin as on real ice! Like traditional ice skating, sock skating is a high physical activity, burning extra calories, training balance and elements of ice skating, as well as relieving stress. It is noteworthy that ice skating requires an unconditional seamless and slippery surface even more than for regular skating. Super-Glide synthetic ice has been known as the most slippery synthetic ice for its like-ice gliding quality. So, even  if you skate on socks you should be very cautious! Take your time to learn how to keep your balance on ice and how to fall not hurting yourself.

Here are some tips for the beginners:

  • If you are new to ice skating, use the rail to acclimate to being on the ice.
  • Once you have the courage, step back a little from the railing.
  • Bend your knees slightly.
  • Don’t let your arms and hands swing.
  • When you fall, it’s best to get on your hands and feet first. Keep your hands in front of you so you can catch your fall and amortize the fall with your hands.

Outdoor Ice Rink With Synthetic IceThe Super-Glide seamless installation technology with its patented solutions, along with the highest ice-like sliding quality, guarantees the success of the ice rinks for both socks and regular ice skating. And of course, after a sock skating session, those who wish can grab the regular skates and go ice-skate skating!

  • No ice skates needed!
  • “Skate” by sliding around on your own socks.
  • BE CAUTIOUS! While the rink is not made of ice, the surface is just as slippery, so please exercise caution.

Super-Glide synthetic ice really means pleasure and joy for all skaters, both on socks and skates!

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