Super-Glide SLICK Synthetic Ice

Premium Super-Glide Synthetic Ice Rinks

In business for over 20 years Global Synthetic Ice is an industry leader in high-quality synthetic ice. Founded by professional skaters in the 1990s the focus of the company has always been to create the most ice-like experience for hockey and figure skaters all over the world.

We stand behind our product with a strong warranty and continuing support. We are always available to our clients for advice and suggestions, or to answer questions that may arise even long after the purchase. We do not just sell you a product, we invite you to join our family.


The newest generation Super-Glide SLICK synthetic ice is perfect for public skating, hockey training, figure skating, and commercial facilities. Revolutionary patented technological solutions developed by Global Synthetic Ice eliminate expansion and contraction problems – which are extremely vital, especially for outdoor ice rinks – and along with the smooth glide quality earned Super-Glide the “Better than Ice” reputation.

Independent studies conducted in Canada on the longevity of Super-Glide show life expectancy in a range of 10-20 years. Many of our first Super-Glide synthetic ice-skating rinks installed almost two decades ago are still operating with many more years of usable service ahead.

Super-Glide SLICK synthetic ice is designed to give the least amount of resistance for ice skating. It does not need any additional lubricants to enhance skating! The texture is designed to give the least amount of resistance. The new ingredients lubricate the blade as you skate creating the perfect skating surface. With a new technologically advanced installation design SLICK ensures decades of skating enjoyment.

Super-Glide synthetic ice SLICK can be installed either indoors or outdoors for sports, commercial or home use.

Very Important Information for Future Business Ice Rink Owners

When operating a business for the general public a high-quality surface is needed. If customers are unhappy with the skating quality, they will complain and the business fails. This has been the common outcome over the last 40 years with plastics called “Synthetic Ice”. This same plastic is still being sold today, it can be skated on by professional skaters, but when the average person tries to skate, they frown on the experience.

Today professional players, skaters and coaches want Super-Glide SLICK synthetic ice for commercial purposes.

SLICK with its advanced chemical glide ingredients, pure resins (no recycled plastics) and cutting-edge design create a smooth, seamless ice-skating surface that doesn’t need an enhancer for comfortable skating.


Super-Glide synthetic ice panel

Standard Super-Glide synthetic ice panels are a manageable 4′ x 4′ x 3/8″ size that are light (29 lbs) and very easy even for a single person to assemble (and disassemble) in minutes.

Connection Points

Unlike the spline assembling system, our “dovetail” system of 55 interlocking connection points per panel, allows proper expansion and contraction of our product in any environment. Maximum connection points in all directions ensure panels do not pop up or warp in these conditions over time. The connections are precision cut creating a perfectly seamless, smooth surface, resembling real ice.


Longevity has never been an issue, Super-Glide synthetic ice rinks skating 200 skaters per day have a life expectancy of 15+ years. Home rinks are passed down through generations. Global Synthetic Ice uses premium high-quality raw materials and additives including UV protection so your rink will not change color and lose its chemical stability over time.
This ensures your rink will not warp in an outdoor setting and continue to have that ice-like glide for years to come.


Using premium high-quality materials and additives in the manufacturing process, we have created optimal grip and glide in each panel. The panels are Self-lubricating meaning that no chemicals need to be added to create an ice-like response thus reducing the frequency of blade sharpening.

Eco Friendly

Super-Glide new generation synthetic ice panels are made from 20% recycled materials.
Zero energy consumed. Zero water used.

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