Real ice is too cold and slippery? Sock skating is the ideal challenge for beginning skaters who can slide and spin without bothering about blades.


A New Trend In Entertainment And Recreation At The Rink – Sock Ice Skating

sock ice skating

Sock Ice Skating!
A New Hot Trend in Family Entertainment & Recreation!

Synthetic ice sock skating

Unlike traditional ice skating, sock ice skating does not require skates and their sharpening. Skating on Super-Glide synthetic ice is also a safe activity and entertainment for the whole family, during which you can slide and spin as on real ice! Like traditional ice skating, sock ice skating is a high physical activity, burning extra calories, training balance and elements of ice skating, as well as relieving stress. It is noteworthy that ice skating requires an unconditional seamless and slippery surface even more than for regular skating. The Super-Glide seamless installation technology with its patented solutions, along with the highest ice-like sliding quality, guarantees the success of the ice rinks for both socks and regular ice skating. And of course, after a sock skating session, those who wish can go ice skating!
Super-Glide Synthetic ice really means pleasure and joy for all skaters, both on toes and on skates!

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