Premium Super-Glide Synthetic Ice Rinks

Core Features Of Super-Glide Slick Synthetic Ice

Premium Super-Glide synthetic iceΒ is perfect for ice hockey, figure skating, ice shows and events,Β public ice skating, home, commercial and portable ice rinks. Super-Glide synthetic ice panels are a manageable 4′ x 4′ x 3/8″ size that are light (29 lbs) and very easy even for...

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Synthetic Ice Rink Installation

Currently, there are three assembling technologies used in the synthetic ice rink industry: Dovetail Β Β Spline Β Β Square Edge A dovetail joint is a technique that has been commonly used originally in woodwork for thousands of years. The Dovetail Interlocking Technique became very popular in synthetic ice...

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Building Your Own Ice Rink Is Not a Problem Anymore!

Ever wonder how to build a synthetic ice rink? How good synthetic ice is for skating? Can you practice hockey on synthetic ice? Is synthetic ice good for figure skating? Can you make money on the synthetic ice rink? Can you build an ice rink...

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Playing Hockey on Super-Glide Synthetic Ice

Just like any sport, success in playing hockey requires years of practice. Among team sports, hockey always stood alone because expensive and inconvenient time on ice was the only way to practice. No longer! Now, Global Synthetic Ice opens a world of unlimited hockey practice...

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