Core Features Of Super-Glide Slick Synthetic Ice

Premium Super-Glide Synthetic Ice Rinks

Premium Super-Glide synthetic ice is perfect for ice hockey, figure skating, ice shows and events, public ice skating, home, commercial and portable ice rinks.

Super-Glide synthetic ice panels are a manageable 4′ x 4′ x 3/8″ size that are light (29 lbs) and very easy even for a single person to assemble (and disassemble) in minutes.

Super-Glide synthetic ice panelConnection Points

Unlike the spline assembling system, our “dovetail” system of 55 interlocking connection points per panel, allows proper expansion and contraction of our product in any environment. Maximum connection points in all directions ensure panels do not pop up or warp in these conditions over time. The connections are precision cut creating a perfectly seamless, smooth surface, resembling real ice.


Longevity has never been an issue; recreational Super-Glide synthetic ice rinks have a life expectancy of up to 15 years. Home rinks are passed down through generations.


Using premium high-quality materials and additives in the manufacturing process, we have created optimal grip and glide in each panel. The panels are self-lubricating meaning that no chemicals need to be added to create an ice-like response thus reducing the frequency of blade sharpening.


Global Synthetic Ice uses premium high-quality raw materials and additives including UV protection so your rink will not change color and lose its chemical stability over time.
This ensures your rink will not warp in an outdoor setting and continue to have that ice-like glide for years to come.

Eco Friendly

Super-Glide new generation synthetic ice panels are made from 20% recycled materials.
Zero energy consumed. Zero water used.


Super-Glide synthetic ice is produced by extrusion (and not on press machines like many other brands) on the most modern, fully computerized equipment from selected materials and ingredients that provide like real ice gliding quality, as well as perfect dimensional accuracy to create a seamless surface.


slick synthetic ice panelGlobal Synthetic Ice uses patented Super-Glide dovetail interlocking technology with 55 connection points to create a seamless surface. Another benefit of dovetail technology is the simplicity of assembling with the use of just a rubber mallet. Outdoor Super-Glide synthetic ice rinks successfully work all year round providing a seamless ice-skating surface for the best and safe skating experience.



Super-Glide underlayment panels

Unlike many other synthetic ice suppliers using soft foam materials, plywood sheets or rubber mats Global Synthetic Ice utilizes specially designed hard substratum polymer panels that are laid under the Super-Glide ice surface.  The panels are designed to allow the Super-Glide synthetic ice to expand and contract with changing temperatures, they also help with minor imperfections in the ground surface and create a seamless ice-skating surface.



We encourage interested parties to visit and/or contact our valued customers many of whom have been successfully using Super-Glide SLICK for many years to get their unbiased opinion.


N’Ice Park Ice Rink, Portugal (outdoor year-round ice rink, operating since July, 2020) –

Synthetic Ice Concepts (operating since 2011) –


First Line Training Center (operating since 2016) –

Extra Hour Training Center (operating since 2018) –

The Mill Training Facility (operating since January 2020) –


Testimonial of a Super-Glide home ice rink owner:

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